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About Me

For many years I was involved in the building business in Central London renovating private homes. Often I helped with the design and project managed the renovations from start to finish.

I worked with an international client base and aimed to deliver each project on time and on budget to the client's satisfaction.It was a fascinating and rewarding business to change often derelict and outdated buildings into wonderful living spaces.

Between projects I travelled extensively and often explored my interests in alternative medicines, the healing arts and the expansion of human consciousness. I am passionate about holistic wellness and rejuvenation. Since 1982 I have been connected to the Findhorn Foundation where I participated in various workshops.Recently I have done field work research with Dr Steven Greer a leading authority on UFO and ET phenomena. I completed the Ambassador to the Universe training. My quest for the transformation of consciousness studies have included workshops with the Monroe Institute, Caroline Myss,Katrina Raphaell, and a host of other leading lights of our time.

My initiation into Transcendental Meditation in 1976 were the first steps outside classical religious dogmas into mindfulness awareness.

I completed the professional TECHS course in Cellular Energetic Healing. The course is inspired by some of the teachings of Barbara Brennan where the founder of TECHS had been one of the assistant teachers. Hands of Light and Light Emerging were some of the texts books used. The independent TECHS course is based in Scotland.

In 2018 I graduated with the Bodies of Light Healing Diploma.
In 2019 I graduated with the Advanced Bodies of Light Healing Diploma.
Member of Independent Professional Therapists International.

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