Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing works on the human energy field where much of a person's life stories are held. The aim of the work is to help the individual to clear their energy field to release certain blocks which are held there. Part of the work is to facilitate a safe and caring space to help the client open to their responsibility for their own self healing.

There are a number of techniques involved in the practice which include:-

  • Chelation
  • Spine Cleansing
  • Brain Balancing
  • Chakra Repair and Restructuring
  • Removing Physic Debris
  • Relational Chords
  • Guide work and Physic Surgery

Depending on the client's presentation of complaint or issues to work with a specific or combination of techniques will be used.

The practice involves the client to lay fully clothed on a treatment table.Hands are placed in various positions on the body.The session lasts for around one hour during which time the client is often in a state of deep relaxation. There may be physical reactions during the treatment which are all part of the healing process.